/taeraf/ The list or schedule of articles on which a duty is imposed upon their importation into the United States, with the rates at which they are severally taxed.
Also the custom or duty payable on such articles. 19 U.S.C.A.
And, derivatively, the system of imposing duties or taxes on the importation of foreign merchandise. A series of schedules or rates of duties or taxes on imported goods.
Tariffs are for revenue if their primary objects are fiscal (fiscal tariff); protective if designed to relieve domestic businesses from effective foreign competition (protective tariff); discriminatory if they apply unequally to products of different countries (discriminatory tariff); and retaliatory if they are designed to compel a country to remove artificial trade barriers against the entry of another nation's products (retaliatory tariff).
A public document setting forth services of common carrier being offered, rates and charges with respect to services and governing rules, regulations and practices relating to those services. International Tel. & Tel. Corp. v. United Tel. Co. of Florida, D.C.Fla., 433 F.Supp. 352, 357.
See also customs duties
@ antidumping tariff
A tariff calculated to prevent the dumping or unloading of imported goods below cost by fixing the tariff at the difference between the price at which the goods commonly sell in the country of origin and the price at which it is to be sold in the importing country.
See also Dumping Act.
@ autonomous tariff
Tariff set by legislation and not by commercial treaties.
@ joint tariff.
Schedule of rates established by two or more carriers covering shipments between places requiring the use of facilities owned by such carriers.
@ preferential tariff
Tariff aimed at favoring the products of one country over those of another.
+ preferential tariff
A tariff which imposes lower rates of duty on goods imported from some countries ("preferred countries") than on the same goods imported from other countries.
@ revenue tariff
Tariff designed primarily to raise revenues and to support the customs service instead of encouraging production of imported goods

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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(on imports or on exports)

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